Monday, February 13, 2012

And Off They Go.

                                                                                             Jeans- T.J. Maxx
                                                                                Boots- Soda Fountain Co.
                                                                                                 Necklace- Gift
                                                                                                Sweater- H&M
                                                                       Coat- Tulle (through T.J. Maxx)
                                                                           Photography by Natalya Jean

After months of creeping around the internet, reading blog after blog of people like Keiko Lynn and Elsie Larson, I've finally started one of my own. As of 2/10/12, Stylish And Snappy is up and running. So welcome....Before I get started, introductions are in order. I'm Natalya - a photographer, a bookworm, a tea drinker, a foodlover, and a total nerd. I write to you from a (too) small town in the vicinity of New York City and here, I will be sharing my thoughts, outfits, and endless photography.
I hope I haven't scared you off and you'll keep following me.

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